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What We Do

CultureSmart, Inc. specializes in bilingual medical interpreter training programs aimed at reducing health care costs and raising health care quality. CultureSmart’s programs train interpreters in techniques that noticeably improve accuracy of communication between limited English proficient patients and their providers. CultureSmart-trained interpreters are generally capable of facilitating effective medical encounters that may feel like the patient and provider speak the same language. Our focus on best practices for health care quality ensures CultureSmart-trained interpreters support providers in delivering care, treatment, and services that meet patients’ individual communication, cultural, and language needs.

How We Do It

Culturesmart utilizes a diversity of approaches to build linguistic and cultural skills within the organizations it serves. It is important to note that we do not provide formulaic materials - we customize our services and programs to the realities of the communities and populations our client organizations serve. We do so by:

  • Building collaborative partnerships with the organizations we serve;
  • Building working relationships with practicing experts from the medical interpreting field;
  • Customizing and combining language-specific training with intensive role-plays and practice sessions;
  • Offering an on-site flexible training delivery that fits the client staff’s schedule; and
  • Measuring and documenting trainees’ proficiencies before and after training process

Unique Approach

By assessing the specific needs of communities that a particular health care organization serves, we are able to deliver effective, targeted training that creates measurable outcomes for clinical and non-clinical staff. We are one of the few programs to incorporate an extensive language-specific component in a medical interpreting training program.